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Real Time Booking System

Online Booking Software for Activity and Tour Operators.

Connecting Tourism Businesses for over 20 years



Sell More 
Get tools to sell your activity
business across a wide range
of channels

Save Time 
Cut down admin work 
so that you can do what
you do best i.e. your activity business

Streamline Operations 
Improve business operations 
with communication 
and resource management tools

Get FREE consultation
For the past 20 years, RTBS has been supporting the 
growing needs of activity operators all over New Zealand.
For operators that are new in the market or simply thinking of
changing your existing booking process, book a free
RTBS consultation with one of our experienced staff today,
who can thoroughly review your business to point you
towards the best step forward in getting your business live. 
Get online

Whether you already have a great website or just starting out,
RTBS has the tools to get bookings online for your activity product. 
Get a Book Now button, run custom manifests, manage your inventory
cut out admin work and all things you need to run your activity business. 
RTBS is a web based booking system that can be accessed anytime,
anywhere on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.
Get mobile bookings
Getting mobile-friendly technology has become a buzz and
there is good reason for it. Over 30% of tourists use the phone
to book their next activity and this number is ever growing. 
With RTBS, your site is not only mobile-responsive but also allows 
customers are able to see, browse, and book all your
   activity products on any device they use.                                  
Get secure payments
If your business currently doesn't support online payments, 
odds are that you are losing a majority of your customers. With 
a real time software like RTBS, you will have a range of secured
payment gateways to choose from and automate your online
payment processes. Or if you already have an existing gateway, 
you can connect this to your RTBS account. 
         Get branded


Take control of the look and feel of your booking engine

with a fully branded booking experience integrated to your website.
Impress your customers with a consistent booking experience
from any device, any time and any place. Each branded booking page 
is user-tested to facilitate optimized booking conversions.
Get agents and sales channels
Pump up your sales channels in the RTBS accommodation network or by
integrating with one of the extensive range of plugins that RTBS
has to offer. Using a real time booking system like RTBS will give you
easy access to promote your activity products in accommodation channels
and also online travel agent sites such as TripAdvisor. Imagine the
millions of TripAdvisor visitors eyeing your BOOK NOW button
and what that can mean for your business. 
Get your admin done

Cut out your back office admin tasks and duties so that you can
focus on what you do best - i.e. doing your activity business.
Let us take care of it with our booking system that also comes
with seamless plugins to accounting softwares such as Xero  or MYOB.  
Your RTBS account will then be able to synch your bookings with
payments, invoicing, reporting  and other accounting work
without you having to anything.
Get an account manager


Your business is live and you have started getting bookings - Great!

But, what happens when you bump into an issue? Its not
uncommon for businesses these days to handle support calls with
tickets that not only derails support but also makes it impersonal.
We at RTBS believe in the human touch in service and are 
committed to providing you with live, prompt, phone support throughout.
Get marketing tools 

Promote your activity business with the many marketing tools
that comes with your RTBS account. Create custom gift voucher
promotions, get a Facebook Book Now button or get a
Tourism NZ link - the options are many. 
Get reporting
Stay on top of your data with customised reports from
RTBS. Get them in graphs and visuals to get the
actionable insights for your activity business. 
Get custom
You read it right! RTBS has been working hard in its 20+ years
of operation to not only provide booking services but also 
custom, tailor-made software solutions for tourism businesses. Talk to 
us today about what custom software solution you would like
for your activity business - the only limit is your imagination!
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