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RTBS Updates: Feb '19

Posted by Website Admin on February 28, 2019

Here at RTBS we are continually releasing new features and fixes to help improve the look and feel of the booking system you regularly use and depend on. 

This week we are excited to share with you a handful of fixes and improvements over the last few months.

IBIS Integration

This new integration allows your inventory in RTBS to be directly accessible by the iSite network for instant bookings. As you know, iSites offer an excellent platform for Kiwi operators to promote and sell their activity businesses and are therefore an important distribution channel. 

Payment Link Notifications 

Many of you are already using our Payments Links feature to secure payments from clients who haven't yet paid by sending them a link that processes these payments. 

You will now receive an automated email notification when a payment has been processed by a client. This will help you keep tab on who has paid instead of having to go to the booking record to check payments.

Latipay's New Interface

We have updated our Latipay integration that now uses the new version of the Latipay interface.

For those of you who are late to the party, Latipay is a Chinese payment platform that allows you to accept booking payments via Chinese e-wallets. You can find more about this free RTBS integration here.

Combined View (Enterprise Packages) 

If you are on our Enterprise package and are using Combined views, you will now see Booking Notes on the manifest. Booking notes are a great way to display any important info related to the booking; having them on your manifest means you don't have to worry about checking the booking record when serving the customer.  



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