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Are you making the most out of our Promo Codes feature?

Posted by Website Admin on November 19, 2018

Run promotions and track your marketing spend with RTBS promo codes 

Promotional (promo) codes are an effective way to boost your website traffic and track your marketing campaign or advertising spend. They allow you to discover which platforms are generating the most traffic to your website and they provide a customer with an incentive to buy.  By using a different promo code for each different campaign you can quickly see what worked and what didn't and where you should target your marketing dollars.

Here is a quick guide on setting up your RTBS Promo Codes: 

Create a Promo Code 
Head over to the RTBS menu to find Vouchers > Create New Promotion 


On the Create New Promotion form, complete the following fields:

Promotion Name: this is the name of the promotion that will appear for the system users only. 

Apply Discount Of: you can choose to apply a percentage discount or a fixed amount from the price or unit.

Promotion Code: this is the text that the customer would enter to get the discount. You can store multiple promotion codes here to that will apply a single discount. 

Apply Restrictions
You can choose to apply restrictions to your promo codes. Some restrictions include limiting the number of uses of the promo code, or specifying a minimum number of units before the promo code can be applied. If there are no restrictions, RTBS will make the promo code be available to all bookings by default. 

Once you click 'Save', the promo code is available to be applied to bookings via the Central Reservation System, online booking page or agents. Note that you can stop a promotion at any time. Read more about actioning existing promo codes in our help centre here.

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