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New Release: RTBS Payment Links

Posted by Website Admin on December 06, 2018

We have just released an exciting new feature called Payment Links to assist you get secure payments from clients who haven't yet paid. Accepting payments from your customers is now just a simple link away in your RTBS account. 

So how does it all work? 

The Activity Operator, can now easily send a 'payment link' to receive secure payment from an RTBS booking. The client can make credit card payment via the 'payment link' into our merchant account and this payment is automatically recorded and matched against their booking in RTBS. 

You therefore no longer need to ask clients to send you their credit card details by email or pay your driver direct on pick up.

We always recommend that you secure pre-payment for all your bookings.

Why should you use payment links? 

Manual bookings when you've had email or phone correspondence with a client and have entered their booking manually into RTBS, you don't have to ask the client to share their credit card details to get the payment done. You can simply send them the 'payment link' and they can use the payment link to make payment.  

Process Dues The 'payment link' can be sent to clients who may have paid a deposit (per your terms) via the book now button, but still need to send payment for the balance owing. You can send a 'payment link' from the RTBS booking for this balance owing.

Instant and easier collection of payments customers can instantly pay their due from a variety of payments options instead of having to wait in a queue to be served by a staff member. You can also reduce the strain on your accounting and admin staff by automating payment collections

Custom Booking Payments you can secure payments from 'Custom Tours' booked via email and where 'Book Now' buttons aren't applicable. Your staff can enter a 'custom' booking manually in RTBS, and send the 'payment link' to secure (A) an advance deposit e.g. 50%, based on the original numbers expected and then (B) Once final numbers and any add-ons are known and updated in the RTBS booking, the remaining amount due (final balance) can be sent to the group by 'payment link'. 

Whats next? 

This feature should already be available if you are on our Business Builder and higher packages. If you need help setting it up, feel free to contact us here 

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