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Why should you invest in a booking system

Posted by Website Admin on November 09, 2018

What are the real advantages of an online booking system? 
And why should your business invest in one?

In this post, we give some key benefits of empowering your business with booking software.

1. Automation
Managing an activity business requires taking care of many moving parts. Checking availability, managing resources as well as keeping track of seasonal activities are just some of them. Automating these important yet repetitive aspects of your business can save you a great deal of time and money leaving you free to focus on other important items like your customers. You no longer have to worry about availability checks or overbookings.

2. Operate in the Cloud and Update in Real-time 
Competitive booking systems these days are cloud-based, which is a fancy way of saying that they operate online without requiring you to download and install them. RTBS gives you the freedom of operating in the cloud so you can update your schedules and rates in real-time. With RTBS, customers can track exactly how many seats, vehicles or guides are available.

3. Market your Products with Promo Codes, Gift Vouchers, and Viator Links
RTBS is designed to assist activity operators to automate bookings, manage inventory as well as market their products. It offers features that allow you to design product-specific gift vouchers, stimulate more bookings through external links such as Trip Advisor, Viator and even save data entry time with your accounting software such as Xero.

4. Real Time Bookings
Do you really need to deal with that phone constantly ringing and your inbox flooding with email enquiries? Or invest time on multiple emails for just one booking? And most importantly, do customers really want to spend their time enquiring about your activity before they can book? Today’s independent travellers know what they want and have all the information they need at their fingerprints. They simply do not want the fuss of picking up the phone to book one activity. Add ‘Book Now’ buttons to your website and get more bookings without any interruptions.

5. Affiliate, resell your products and boost social reviews
With all these repetitive tasks being taken care of by your booking system, you can invest more efforts on marketing your products and improving your distribution channels. Whyte Waters allows you to do this with its Guest Experience Support System, and external system integrations such as Facebook bookings and email marketing software.

Managing your resources effectively is a critical element of a successful activity operator business. Using a booking system will help you automate your business and build an efficient, streamlined process. We can help you choose the features that you need for your business and identify the ones you do not need (yet). Our team can guide you in dissecting your business and understanding your needs before you invest in a booking system. Talk to us today

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